There was an armed robbery at about 4pm. SHOP situated next to Saint Mary’s primary school, away from the main shopping centre.

Units alerted and again quick response, combined effort by Police units.

The response time and men on foot was less than ten minutes.

Three suspects apprehended with their weapons and stolen cash .

Among those apprehended was Amon Ben, a notorious criminal who has been evading police for a couple of months. He has been involved in a string of robberies around the Kamkumung, China Town and Eriku area. He has been harassing and intimidating the community. His luck ran out and this time was apprehended by Police.

The Sector Response Unit has blended in well with other units. The Police beat Unit at Eriku also did well in the apprehension.

Criminals should be wary of the alertness of Police and strategy employed. They will find it very hard to get away, so they should know what is best for them and stop testing Police

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