Banab Bridge Collapse

On the 5th January 2018, Banab bridge collapsed when a semitrailer with machinery loaded crossed. The bridge is one of so many important bridges across the country roads, that are beyond their use by dates. Traffic on both sides of the North Coast Highway came to a halt for some time, between Bogia and Madang.

Temporary access way had been cleared in through the villages, however opportunist crimes become a risk as travelers vehicles pass through this access. The wet crossing is also arranged by villagers who charge a certain fee depending on the load and persons, between the two sides.

Tribal fights were seen in the neighboring villages in retaliation to  known opportunist or petty thieves that robbed tribes people, from these neighboring villages to Banab.

An expatriate bridge repair workman was stabbed succumbing to death when taken to the hospital. He was on his lunch break on work site when held up and injured by local opportunist thieves.

To date the bridge is not yet repaired, as the national government’s department of works takes measures towards this repair. Updates would be made known as and when available.


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