2 x Motor vehicle incidents and burning of vehicles @ Koki and Gerehu

1.A small vehicle was involved in a traffic incident that injured a man and his kid yesterday (26th March 2018).  Bystanders at this market and road side reacted violently by smashing the windscreens and burning it when it came to a stop at the site.

2. Another small vehicle (a van)  was also reported to be burnt at Gerehu, near the big Casio circle round about. Details have not been obtained but the sightings were reported to the CMS Operations Centre, on the same afternoon.

ALERT: On traffic incidents as such and at congested spots it is advisable to proceed on to the nearest safe spot (being a police station, work place, or a secured shopping centre) if your vehicle is drivable. An act of good will to attend to the injured may not be well taken by an opportunist. In cases where the vehicle is not drivable, for locals, we may need to own up, take responsibility, acknowledging the incident, and ask relatives or witnesses to proceed with them to the nearest Police station for the reporting and addressing the incident. This has to be done diplomatically, and where the tongue is not careful, can instantly flare in to violence. Remember on site it is not a safe practice to make public statements on who is at fault, when lives have been injured involving your vehicle). For expatriates this an high risk incident, so specific security guidelines need to be followed in dealing with road incidents, and for a start they need to proceed to a nearest safe spot for their own safety, simultaneously informing their security contact.

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