Retaliatory ethnic clash in Tari, Hela Province

Tari, Hela Province : 28th March 2018: A shoot- out between tribal enemies  in Kapori village on the outskirts of Tari town was reported. One tribesman was killed in revenge to the murder of a tribal Councillor in Tari township a week back (16 March 18).  The revenge incident was at Kapori village, near the Catholic Mission Station where UNICEF Team had been engaged in their Disaster Relief Operations for the earth quake stricken provinces Hela, SHP, Western and Enga.

In response as a safety measure, UNICEF team suspended their activities and returned back to the base until further notice.

It is advisable also all other agencies engaged in the relief operations safety measures for high risk ratings need to be applied, including impartiality on all tribal /local issues, start showing relief work logos, ids, vests, etc, and continued consultation with the local security advisers or staff.

Further updates as of 10:00hrs 29th March 2018;

  1. The township is tense, and runs in and out of Hides have been suspended for stakeholders until safe to continue.
  2. At 1702hrs 28th March 2018, in a second separate incident in Tari town, police fired warning shots to disperse crowd when a house/office next to BSP Bank was set on fire. No further information available on this incident.
  3. In a third separate incident, Police reported that there was another killing at Ambua Lodge.  No further information available on this incident
  4. There was an earthquake observed early this morning about 05.00 hrs, 29th March 2018, one of the many aftershocks, with minimal fixable damages again.

Advisory for those involved in activities in these areas (relief and other work);

1. Despite the presence of military and police monitoring the situation it is advisable all vehicles in and out of Hides be    suspended until  safe to  continue.

2. Continue to be in consultation with your ground contacts or security provider.


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