Fight between Black Swan security personnel and residents.

In the morning of 20th May 2018, an alleged parking on a driveway a by a prominent security company vehicle resulted in verbal exchanges that quickly turned violent in the morning. Many residents joined claiming it an ongoing issue, turning out against the security company drivers and vehicles. 18 x vehicle security company  parked vehicles  parked on the roadside along Kanage Street 5 mile ridge were damaged especially the windscreens, by projectiles (stones/sticks). A number of people involved received bruises and were hospitalized. 6 Mile Police intervened to contain the situation, as they are yet to investigate.

Advisory:  We continue to advise drivers when parking your vehicle, ensure you are not obstructing the traffic flow or blocking any driveway. And if you are in a company logo, bear in mind the perceived threat is higher than that of a private vehicle. Therefore due consideration must be exerted by caretakers of company/organisation assets.

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