Opening of APEC HAUS and ELA BEACH (ERA KONE PARK) 12th September 2018

These two iconic features of Port Moresby City and costing the National Government fortunes; Ela Beach -K77 m and APEC Haus K120 m, have been completed and ready for use officially. The opening ceremony attracted the a vast number of people and vehicles, to witness the event that involved the Prime Minister, the NCD Governor Moresby South MP and Lands Minister, Moresby North MP, and the other MPs, Health Minister, Goilala MP and NCDC Executives. The events spread through the afternoon in to the night ending at 20:00hrs (8:00pm). The event was well organised with a high presence of security and Police, and stern crowd control got it underway soothly in to the events that had some traditional dances, acrobatics and live band music followed by a massive display of fire works before closing.

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