Fight between Black Swan security personnel and residents.

In the morning of 20th May 2018, an alleged parking on a driveway a by a prominent security company vehicle resulted in verbal exchanges that quickly turned [...]

Protest march in Warakum -Tarangau, Mt Hagen

Protests were experienced on Tuesday (01/05/18) in Warakum/Tarangau area, by relatives of two persons from a part of Enga alleged to be murdered by locals [...]

Three (3) armed robbers shot dead @ Malahang Industrial Center Lae

At approximately 09:30 hrs 02 April 2018,  an expatriate shop owner and a guard were held up with a shot fired as they escaped with an undisclosed amount of [...]

Looting of some foreign owned shops in Buka

On the 20th  April 2018, A number of shops operated by Asians in Buka were looted by locals when it was learnt the Bougainville flag logo appeared on a piece [...]

A dead body was found at 12 mile, Sogeri Road, Port Moresby

One young man was murdered somewhere in Port Moresby on the 24th March 2018. The body was possibly taken and dumped at 12 mile along Sogeri Road. Relatives [...]

Armed hold up of a staff drop off bus

A reports was received of a 25 seater drop off bus that was held up by a group of armed youths at 6 mile early (between 1:00 and 01:30 am) on Saturday 24 [...]

Collapse of Hau Bridge, Ramu/Madang

24-25 March 2018; The HAU bridge between Madang and Ramu, along the main highway has collapsed due to the flooding river during the current wet period. A one [...]

Banab Bridge Collapse

On the 5th January 2018, Banab bridge collapsed when a semitrailer with machinery loaded crossed. The bridge is one of so many important bridges across the [...]

Road incident and compensation demand by locals

At 15:40hrs on Tuesday 13th March 2018, one of the ten (10) new toyota land cruiser vehicles convoyed up to the Ela Motors Goroka Sales yard from Lae, ran off [...]

Sakula Bridge Collapses in Madang

On Sunday 18th March 2018, the Sakula bridge collapsed when a PMV truck crossed it. This become the third bridge to fall in Madang in the recent months [...]