Month: May 2018

Fight between Black Swan security personnel and residents.

In the morning of 20th May 2018, an alleged parking on a driveway a by a prominent security company vehicle resulted in verbal exchanges that quickly turned [...]

Attempted hold up @ Mobil Fuel Station- Vision City Mega Hall Port Moresby

Three people were injured from stray bullets during an attempted armed hold up at the Mobil Fuel Station at Vision City Waigani on Saturday about midday. The [...]

Fights at Gordons Market, Port Moreby

Gordons Market Bus Stop: Morning hours (10 am)  This  place erupted in to a scene of commotion, at the Tan Trading area (Woodcock and Lapwing drive junction, [...]

Protest march in Warakum -Tarangau, Mt Hagen

Protests were experienced on Tuesday (01/05/18) in Warakum/Tarangau area, by relatives of two persons from a part of Enga alleged to be murdered by locals [...]